What are Common Forms?

Common forms can be shared among multiple schools. Your responses to the common questions will be shown to all schools that meet the following criteria:

  1. Are a part of the common forms group and use the particular form
  2. Are schools to which you are applying your child

As a result, please be sure not to include any school-specific information in common questions.

When you submit a common form to one school, you are no longer able to edit the form for other schools.

Each school also has the opportunity to ask questions specific to them. These questions will be located at the bottom of the form. Your responses will be shown to the specific school(s) upon submission.

How can I edit a common form? If you have submitted a common form and need to edit it, you will need to contact each school where you have submitted the form and ask them to unsubmit it. Once Ravenna receives permission from each school where the form was submitted, we can reopen it up for editing. 

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